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S&L Advocaten is een van oudsher Amsterdams kantoor. Het advocatenkantoor is ontstaan in 1988.

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We are registered with The Netherlands Bar and the tableau at the Court of Amsterdam.
LLM S.L. Soedamah
Inauguration date: 08-01-2014


The story of S.L. Soedamah

Mr. S.L. Soedamah has been a lawyer since 8 January 2014. Before completing vocational training in law, he completed his master's in Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Amsterdam in 2013. During his studies at the university, he already gained considerable experience in administrative law practice. After obtaining his degree, he successfully completed the vocational training. In particular, he works in labor law, social security law and immigration law. Mr. S.L. Soedamah is affiliated with the specialization association Stichting Migratierecht Nederland (SMN) for aliens, and the specialization association Social Security Lawyers (SSZ).

Mr. S.L. Soedamah is adept at assisting clients legally for the following reason: “It is my dream to become a lawyer and help people with legal issues. Most people do not have the knowledge to lodge an objection, appeal or appeal against a decision by the government or an employer. As an employer, too, you are faced with many complex questions that can have major financial consequences if things are not properly arranged in the event of an employee's illness or termination of employment.

There are also many pitfalls for citizens who litigate against an employer or against the government. People are often left empty-handed in the event of dismissal or if their entitlement to insurance or benefits is not granted by the UWV or the municipality. In addition, citizens, who would like to have their family members come over, have to invest financially in legalizing and applying for official documents. It is a shame if the IND still rejects an application for a residence permit, because people are not aware of the rules that prevent family members from coming to the Netherlands.

It is hard and stressful to start a procedure if you are the one who is disadvantaged and have to fight for justice. I want to be there for these people and help them in an efficient and professional way. ”

Dhr. mr. S.L. Soedamah heeft in het rechtsgebiedenregister van de Nederlandse orde van advocaten de volgende hoofd- (en sub) rechtsgebieden geregistreerd:

– Sociaal Zekerheidsrecht

Op grond van deze registratie is hij verplicht elk kalenderjaar volgens de normen van de Nederlandse orde van advocaten tien opleidingspunten te behalen op ieder geregistreerd hoofdrechtsgebied.


L&S Lawyers collaborate closely with other expert lawyers. We strongly believe that it is in the interest of the client to combine our expertise.

Dr. LLM L. Soedamah
Inauguration date: 14-06-1988


LLM S. Mahabier
Inauguration date: 28-08-2001


LLM W. Matadien
Inauguration date: 28-08-2007


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